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The 3 steps are Choose table, Choose variable and Show result. You are currently at Vælg variabler

Produktion samt forbrug af vedvarende energi m.m. [END3VVE]

Vælg variabler

Lene Baunbæk, LEBA@stat.gl
Tera Joule and MWh
Now you have come to the page, Choose variable. This page give you the oportunity to select which variables and values you want to display in your result of the table. A variable is a property of a statistical unit. The page is divided into several boxes, one for each variable, where you can select values by click to highlight one or more values. It always starts with the statistics variable which is the main value counted in the table.
Vælg mindst én variabel

Valgt 0 Total 2

Vælg mindst én variabel

Valgt 0 Total 2

Vælg mindst én variabel

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Field for searching for a specific value in the list box. This is examples of values you can search for.1996 , 1997 , 1998 ,

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Antal valgte data celler:
(max antal 1.000.000)

Præsentation på skærm er begrænset til 1.000 rækker og 30 kolonner

Antal valgte celler overstiger max tilladte 1.000.000
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