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The treasury liquidity assets end balance by type (2002M01-2023M02) [KOELIK]

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Aqqaluaq F. Lund,
Mill. kr.
Quarterly, kvartalsvis, kvartalit
Statistics Greenland
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The liquidity assets in bonds was mistakenly 200 mio kr. lower that the real value, the periode oktober, november and december 2016. This have been correted the 9th May 2017.
A change in the method of assessing assets in bonds and bank deposits has been implemented the 1th of August 2017.
The effect of the changes means that some types of assets have changed between bonds to bank deposits. The overall value of the liquidity has not been changed. The changes affect figures from 2016.
Treasury accounts received a larger tax payment of approx. 426 million DKK in March 2018 in connection with the transfer of pension funds to Denmark. The reduction in bonds from September 2019 to October 2019 is due to sale of bonds for the purpose of depositing capital in Kalaallit Airports. Treasury accounts has been corrected due to updated data, November 12 2020. For method and definition of the variables reference is made to the publication about short-term statistics, which is available at
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