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Underlying Causes of Death 2002-2022, place of birth [SUELDA2]

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Lars Pedersen,
Statistics Greenland, National Board of Health
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The Population Register contains information on all persons who have resided in Greenland after 1 January 1977. The purpose of the register is to be the basis for population statistics, and to supplement other personal information
with basic information about each person, like address and family relations.The Population register is updated with information from CPR (Administrative Population Register) where the following information is retrieved:
name, gender, age, place of birth, citizenship, marital status, reference to mother, father and spouse, address of residence and more.
According to §13 of the Act on Greenland Statistics, no person-related information is disclosed from the register, except for personal numbers, randomly drawn for surveys
For every death that occurs in Greenland, a doctor issues a death certificate in connection with the corpse inquest.The doctor must issue the death certificate, without undue delay, when the necessary information is available. The death certificate consists of 2 pages. The death certificate page 1 is a legal document used asevidence that the person has passed away at death. The death certificate page 2 contains the medicalinformation about the death. The death certificate page 1 contains formal information for identifying the deceased, as well as the doctor'sdeclaration that death has occurred. The information is also used for the personal registration in the CPR register. Page 2 of the death certificate contains information on causes of death, manner of death, etc. At least one must be specifiedcause of death on the death certificate, but several can be stated. The most important information is the underlyingcause of death.


Age at date of death


The underlying cause of death is the cause of death that started the course of the individual cases led to death. Possibly, other causes of death are defined as additional causes of death.


Calendar year of death. (Including delayed reports)